Gun Safety Tips Every Owner Needs

Many people own handguns. Whether it is one of the powerful Glocks, a revolver, or other type of weapon, people feel safe and protected when they’re armed. In today’s uncertain world where time has proven again and again that anything can happen, it is important that confidence is in your realms. However, if guns aren’t used and handled correctly, they pose dangers and risks to even their owners. Rather than risk your safety and that of the people you love the most, use the gun safety tips below and leave your worries behind.


Keep the Gun Unloaded if it is Not in Use

It is advisable to buy a gun safe to store your weapon for added security. However, always unload the gun when it is not in use, regardless of the location you choose to store the piece. Keep ammunition nearby so loading the gun is easy should you need to quickly load, but never leave a loaded gun lying around or in the safe.

Treat the Gun as if it was Loaded

Even when you think that a gun is unloaded, treat it otherwise. More gun accidents happen when loaded firearms are thought to be unloaded than during any other scenario. It is up to you to handle the weapon with care at all times to avoid serious injury or damage due to such a situation.

Clear the Barrel of Obstructions

Don’t point the weapon toward your face when checking for obstructions, but do ensure that you look for them before firing the weapon.  Checking for obstructions is particularly important for gun owners who’ve dropped their weapons since dirt can make its way into the chamber.

Don’t Point Unless You Plan to Shoot

Never point your weapon at another person or an object unless you plan to shoot to kill. Of course, you only want this to happen in situations where your life is in danger.  Keep the barrel of the gun pointed in a neutral direction such as the ground instead.