Toys, Swings, Indoors, Outdoors, For Folks With Special Needs

special needs swing

All kids are happy that it is always the case. They always have access to toys for both indoors and outdoors. Among many of the popular outdoor play apparatus that growing (wild?) kids love to play on is the push and rock swing. Because the kid is still too small and not physically strong and adept to swing the swing into forwards, backwards and upwards and downwards motion, it usually requires the input of an adult to push the swing.

And that is a good thing. Because with a parent or responsible minder quite close by, there is every chance of the small child being safe. Now, indoors and outdoors, the safety of people with special needs is paramount. This is perhaps so because not enough was done in the past to aid these (special?) people. But today, much has been done and continues to be done. To think that something so practical to use and simple to install as a special needs swing is just one of the many splendid results of doing something important and that matters. 

A special needs swing is not for inclusive use. It is not only for people with ‘special needs’. It is not only for people with disabilities, the physically challenged, mentally challenged, call them what you will, and they would prefer it that you do not, it is for all who have had to endure some or another form of physical and/or emotional trauma all of a sudden. The swing is an effective tool of physical therapy and exercise, helping to provide rest, recuperation and recovery.

It is important to be able to play as part of rest, recuperation and an overall therapeutic program on the path to complete health and wellness.